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            當前位置:文檔之家 > 2005-10年高考英語單選題分類匯編及答案





            1.( 2005北京卷)21. It is often said that __________ teachers have __________ very easy life.

            A. 不填;不填

            B. 不填;a

            C. the, 不填

            D. the, a

            2.( 2005山東卷)2

            3. I knew ______ John Lennon, but not ______ famous one.

            A. 不填;a

            B. a;the

            C. 不填;the

            D. the;a

            3.( 2005湖南卷)29. I can't remember when exactly the Robinsons left __ city. I only remember it was ____ Monday.

            A. the, the

            B. a, the

            C. a, a

            D. the, a

            4. (2005江蘇卷)21. On May 5, 2005, at ________World Table Tennis Championship, Kong Linghui and Wang Hao won the gold medal in men's doubles with ________ score of 4: 1.

            A. a; a

            B. 不填; the

            C. a; 不填

            D. the; a

            5. (2005江西卷)27. If you grow up in ______ large family, you are more likely to develop ______ ability to get on well with ________ others.

            A. /; an; the

            B. a; the; /

            C. the; an; the

            D. a; the; the

            6.( 2005全國卷3)15. If you go by _________ train, you can have quite a comfortable journey, but make sure you get __________ fast one.

            A. the; the

            B. 不填;a

            C. the; a

            D. 不填;不填

            7.( 2005浙江卷)4. Mrs. Taylor has _________ 8-year-old daughter who has _________ gift for painting— she has won two national prizes.

            A. a; a

            B. an; the

            C. an; a

            D. the; a

            8. (2005安徽卷)25. After dinner he gave Mr. Richardson ______ ride to ______ Capital Airport.

            A. the; a

            B. a; the

            C. 不填; a

            D.不填; the

            9.( 2005遼寧卷)31. This book tells ________ life story of John Smith, who left ______ school and worked for a newspaper at the age of 16.

            A. the; the

            B. a; the

            C. the; 不填

            D. a; 不填

            1. B: teachers:泛指;a +adj. + life

            2. B a + 人名:表示一個同名人;the: 特指;

            3. D the 特指, a Monday 某一個星期一;

            4. D 普通名詞構成專有名詞前用the; a score of 比分;

            5. B a large family 一個大家庭;the ability后接to-v作定語;others別人;

            6. B by train;



            1. ( 2005北京卷)24. He _________ more that 5,000 English words when he entered the university at the age of 15?

            A. has learned

            B. would have learned

            C. learned

            D. had learned

            2. ( 2005北京卷)27. Scientists think that the continents __________ always where they _________ today.

            A. aren’t; are

            B. aren’t; were

            C. weren’t; are

            D. weren’t; were

            3. ( 2005北京卷)29. As soon as he comes back, I’ll tell him when __________ and see him.

            A. you will come

            B. will you come

            C. you come

            D. do you come

            4. ( 2005北京卷)31. —Why did you leave that position? —I __________ a better position at IBM.

            A. offer

            B. offered

            C. am offered

            D. was offered

            5. (2005廣東卷)28. Years ago we didn't know this, but recent science ______ that people who don't sleep well soon get ill.

            A. showed

            B. has shown

            C. will show

            D. is showing

            6. (2005廣東卷)32. The policeman's attention was suddenly caught by a small box which ____ placed under the Minister's car.

            A. has been

            B. was being

            C. had been

            D. would be